Install and Configure CyberPanel on CentOS 7

CyberPanel is a FREE Hosting Control Panel which comes with Opensource LiteSpeed web server. The advantage of OpenLiteSpeed is the performance and reduction in resource usage on the server that we ever need. CyberPanel is ideal and the best option if you are not interested in paid hosting control panels i.e cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin etc. but want to gain admin, user and reseller capabilities. The tutorial will walk you through the complete installation and configuration of CyberPanel on CentOS 7 based Dedicated or Virtual Server.

Note: If you have cPanel License, check my detailed article on cPanel Complete Tutorial Nginx MySQL Caching Cloudflare Backup

Please watch the video tutorial for all steps and i have included a special step that is how to move from cPanel to CyberPanel. I have demonstrated by downloading cpanel backup on cyberpanel via ssh and then restore cPanel backup on CyberPanel.

Install and Configure CyberPanel on CentOS 7 & Restore cPanel backup on CyberPanel


We intend to to install CyberPanel CentOS 7 so we would need CentOS 7 (64-bit) on a fresh server having at least 1GB RAM and 10GB Storage with root access and wget and optionally screen package installed. If you watch the video tutorial, you will see the magic of screen command.

wget is a package and can be installed by executing following command:
yum install wget screen -y

Before proceeding to CyberPanel installation, update all the packages installed on your CentoOS 7 server.

yum update -y

CyberPanel Installation

Once all the packages are updated and system is fully updated. Change to the /root directory and download the installer:

cd ~
wget -O

Change permissions and run CyberPanel installer

chmod 755

The following options will appear in the shell

CyberPanel Installer v2.0

  1. Install CyberPanel.
  2. Install Addons.
  3. Exit.

Please enter the number[1-3]: 1

Type 1 and press ENTER button to proceed the installation.

You would be seeing three options

CyberPanel Installer v2.00

RAM check : 1609/3789MB (42.47%)

Disk check : 8/80GB (12%) (Minimal 10GB free space)

  1. Install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed.
  2. Install Cyberpanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise.
  3. Exit.

Please enter the number[1-3]: 1

Type 1 and press ENTER button to proceed further installation process

Install Full service for CyberPanel? This will include PowerDNS, Postfix and Pure-FTPd.

Full installation [Y/n]: Y

Full installation selected…

Press Enter key to continue with latest version or Enter specific version such as: 1.9.4 , 1.9.5 …etc

Branch name set to v2.0.0

Please choose to use default admin password 1234567, randomly generate one (recommended) or specify the admin password?
Choose [d]fault, [r]andom or [s]et password: [d/r/s] d

Admin password will be set to 1234567

Do you wish to install Memcached extension and backend?
Please select [Y/n]: Y

Do you wish to install Redis extension and backend?
Please select [Y/n]: Y

Would you like to set up a WatchDog (beta) for Web service and Database service ?
The watchdog script will be automatically started up after installation and server reboot
If you want to kill the watchdog , run watchdog kill
Please type Yes or no (with capital Y, default Yes):

Type Y or press ENTER button to proceed the installation

Once the installation is done, the installer will print your administrator details

            CyberPanel Successfully Installed                  

            Current Disk usage : 3/80GB (3%)                        

            Current RAM  usage : 233/487MB (47.84%)                         

            Installation time  : 0 hrs 4 min 12 sec                      

            Visit: https://(YOUR_SERVER_IP):8090                     
            Panel username: admin                              
            Panel password: 1234567                            
            Mysql username: root                               
            Mysql password: 7bc2d8e00af6                       

        Please change your default admin password              

      If you change mysql password, please  modify file in     
     /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword with new password as well   

          Website :                 
          Forums  :              

        Enjoy your accelerated Internet by                  
            CyberPanel & OpenLiteSpeed                                       

Configuring CyberPanel

Congratulations as we have successfully installed CyberPanel on our server. Point your server’s IP address with CyberPanel port for example in your browser and you will see an admin login interface.

Type admin as username and 1234567 as your admin password and click on the user-menu arrow and choose “Edit Profile” and Select “admin” from the menu to change your admin password, email, fist and last name etc.

CyberPanel Demo

Admin Login
User: demoadmin
Password: cyberpanel123

Client Login
User: democlient
Password: cyberpanel123

cyberpanel client interface


You have learned one of the best free open source hosting control panel installation and configuration to host websites and manage your server. CyberPanel is one of the best Free Hosting Control panel which has all features you look in paid control panels.

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